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<b>Target Surface Cleaner - 1/2 GAL & <font size="2" color="#0033CC">Floors Too!</b></font>
Target Surface Cleaner - 1/2 GAL & Floors Too!
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Target Surface Cleaner, A L L natural ingredients, renders extraordinary FRESHNESS.

Use full strength for routine household cleaning.

Target Cleanser is ideal on most surfaces including floors. Also use on formica, tile, brick, concrete wood and around plumbing fixtures. Can be used in STEAM-CLEANER for carpets.

Ingredients: Natural grain fermentation rich in acidic value (natural cleansing). Pungent plant extract (for crevice management). Refined crystalline, a bio-friendly "mineral" (for soft scouring qualities). Citrus peel extract (absorbs impurities).

Household application safe for increased protection. Local and government facility added sanitation.

Apply with mop, sponge or spray on and wipe clean. For floor steam cleaning, mix 1 part Target Cleanser with 2 parts water. Use full strength to eradicate cat urine odor. . No fragrance added. Makes motel rooms WONDERFUL!

Eliminate C A T urine odor AND C I G A R E T T E SMELL. .

Bio Friendly Target Cleanser ingredients were formulated by Mineral Methods for the homeowner and commercial services alike.

Keep out of children's reach.

Made in USA.