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<b>Mold Removal - Mold KillerTM  1-Gallon</b>
Mold Removal - Mold KillerTM 1-Gallon
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Mineral Methods, LLC, BBB accredited Mold KillerTM, utilizes synergistic extracts that defeat resistant bacteria. It permeates mold's membrane and dissolves the fungi mycelia. Finally, it encapsulates the area for ongoing protection, a shield that lasts years on most surfaces.

Ingredients: Four natural groups - refined grain fermentation (debilitating to fungi membrane), organic extracts (inflames cells), pungent plant stem oil (induces cell secretion) and natural mined crystalline (a green bio-friendly mineral, invasive to micro-organisms). No fragrance or color added. Neutralizes mycotoxicity levels as mold is eliminated. Expels a sharp tart smell initially, yet soon turns to a pleasant citrus scent.

Other uses: Apply an adequate amount of Mold KillerTM beneath sink (in cabinet) around sink rim. Use inside sink overflow canal and around faucet base. Use at floor around toilet bowl. Tile cracks may exist at base of bathtub or shower. Where moisture is able to penetrate grout lines, apply solution.

The bulk of Mold KillerTM is heavier than water, therefore it effectively penetrates in high moisture conditions including on: Wet tile, soil/dirt, wood, rock, brick, concrete, and it is a proficient disinfectant for raw sewage clean-up. "COVERAGE": Light coverage approx. 20'X24' of area. Heavy coverage approx. 15'X15' of area. Developed to crawl deep into a porous surface. To specifically address difficult dark staining produced by mold, try our Black Mold Stain Remover.

Feel Safe with natural ingredients: No surfactants, no phosphates, no sudsing agents, no bleach, no ammonia, no chemical engineering or synthetic additives.

Contents: 1 gallon of Mold KillerTM and instructions.

Not for human consumption. Keep out of children's reach.

Made in America.

State Authorized Mold KillerTM Test Results Link:

Click here to view Authorization for State of Colorado Aerobiology Laboratories Pre & Post Testing of Mold KillerTM (Total Management).


<b>Target Surface Cleaner - 1/2 GAL & <font size="2" color="#0033CC">Floors Too!</b></font>
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Target Surface Cleaner, A L L natural ingredients, renders extraordinary FRESHNESS.

Use full strength for routine household cleaning.

Target Cleanser is ideal on most surfaces including floors. Also use on formica, tile, brick, concrete wood and around plumbing fixtures. Can be used in STEAM-CLEANER for carpets.

Ingredients: Natural grain fermentation rich in acidic value (natural cleansing). Pungent plant extract (for crevice management). Refined crystalline, a bio-friendly "mineral" (for soft scouring qualities). Citrus peel extract (absorbs impurities).

Household application safe for increased protection. Local and government facility added sanitation.

Apply with mop, sponge or spray on and wipe clean. For floor steam cleaning, mix 1 part Target Cleanser with 2 parts water. Use full strength to eradicate cat urine odor. . No fragrance added. Makes motel rooms WONDERFUL!

Eliminate C A T urine odor AND C I G A R E T T E SMELL. .

Bio Friendly Target Cleanser ingredients were formulated by Mineral Methods for the homeowner and commercial services alike.

Keep out of children's reach.

Made in USA.
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Target Surface Cleaner - 1/2 GAL & Floors Too! MM-1101